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HOUSE OF SOLO Magazine is a quarterly print and digital publication, based between Leeds and London but with global contribution. Our magazine focuses on projecting high fashion stories for both men and women as well as art, culture, beauty, and pop culture trends. We offer a unique perspective regarding pop culture, fashion, and life. Taking strength from a diverse audience of engaged readers, we tell the story of aesthetic evolution. Our content is crafted to start conversations, empowering readers to see the beauty in the bigger picture. We give a voice to the creative process behind art and fashion, allowing it to flood our pages with bold colours, brave words and wild imagination.

We are working to produce a high quality glossy print magazine that will also serve as a collector's item, rich with original art work from local artists. In addition, we will provide written content meant to inspire, empower and educate our readers. We intend to keep our magazine fresh and diverse, featuring all people from all walks of life, all religions, colours, and sexual orientations.

Issue 4 does exactly this. Following an ‘Art’ theme, the issue will explore the relation of fine art and artistic expression through the mediums of editorial fashion, beauty and culture. Displaying beautiful, organic works from undiscovered artists and weaving editorial stories using stunning photography, illustration and imagery the issue will help to create a discussion surrounding the intricate workings of fashion as a medium of art. HOUSE OF SOLO are passionate about words and we strive to communicate our fashion stories through excellence of writing.

Issue 4 is our biggest, boldest and most beautiful work yet and we are proud to place the HOUSE OF SOLO stamp across it.

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